Thursday, 8 November 2012

PvP conquest cap increased, 6th November 2012, the black day in WoW PvP history.

Blue forum comment by Daxxarri: "At 1500 rating, the Arena Conquest Cap will now be 1800 (up from 1350), while the Rated Battleground Conquest cap will be 2200 (up from 1650). As always, when your rating increases, so will your cap".

I don't like this idea, but sadly there's not much we can do. Now, even a scrub with no skills, that can't go over 1550 in arena will get 1800 weekly arena cap, which is enough to buy middle cost PvP items. RBG cap increased to 2200, how silly is that? That's just makes all people gear up quickly, and you don't really benefit from being "better pvp player". Difference in how fast scrub and good player gear up will be really small now.

Doesn't even mention how that affect PvE. In Mists of Pandaria (MoP) you need to spend a lot of time farming reputation to buy some decent PvE gear, which makes it challanged (well done Blizzard, at least something to do)... but on another hand, PvP gear has now stats compared to PvE gear, so let us guess what people will do? What's the point of farming reputation to buy some PvE gear, if you can get decent PvP conquests point gear easly without any challange? Everyone can do 2v2 arena cap, only few games are required, and you can get your new shiny PvP conquest item with one lowest arena cap, no point of spending hours and hours to farm some reputation with MoP factions.

Anyway, this is very good news for all bad pvp players that can't achive anything, and gearing up takes a long time for them, it is very good news for all PvE players, because they can get gear upgraded easly now using PvP parts. But I'm sure all well experienced PvP players, those that live, breath and playing World Of Warcraft ONLY because of PvP... are totally dissapointed. But Blizzard is Blizzard, they said years ago, that they don't focus on PvP really. Some people that work for Blizzard really do understand PvP and it's role, they trying hard to make it better, but from time to time, some another "pseudo" pvp enchantments just destroying everything that was done before. In this case, years and years of well working system was destroyed with one bad decision and patch released on 6th November 2012, the black day in WoW PvP history.